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peninsula. hang on, there are some showers on the 101 between san jose and gilroy. that's all that's left of a low pressure center spinning offshore last night. now it's heading south. it'll clear out after a cloudy start. we'll have the entire forecast for you a few minutes from now. >> thanks, brian. a man and boy fishing at marin beach and swept out to sea. a man was swept by a large wave swam to shore and alerted passersby for help. rescuers launched a boat and found the bodies of the man and boy floating near the north tower of the golden gate bridge. >> our national parks are beautiful, but they're unforgiving. that's why we want everyone to educate themselves. >> the two victims were in the frigid waters for more than a half an hour before rescuers were able to pull them out. rescuers tried to perform cpr, but it was too late. some concern for people living near yuvis reservoir near morgan hill. the reservoir maxed out at its
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3.2 trillion-gallon capacity earlier this week. people living downstream were alerted by phone to keep an eye on yuvis creek. the reservoir hit spillway level on wednesday, and as of last night it was still pouring thousands of gallons of water per minute down the creek. an expensive hotel in san francisco was evacuated at around 11:00 last night. police say the intercontinental hotel was hosting a high school event that got out of control. there was some sort of fight that broke out which led to someone spraying pepper spray. no word yet on what exactly happened or if anyone was arrested. the guests were let back in shortly after the hotel was evacuated. we have breaking news out of russia. we're learning a passenger plane caught fire after it failed landing at moscow's airport. two people aboard the plane are dead. officials say the plane was carrying 12 people and that it broke into three pieces during the landing. the cause of that accident isn't known yet. less than three days to go until the country is scheduled to go off the so-called fiscal
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cliff. but there are some signs of compromise this morning. cbs reporter danielle nottingham on what both sides are now saying about that looming deadline. >>reporter: top congressional leaders met with president obama at the white house, trying to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts set to kick in january 1st. the president called the meeting constructive, but reminded lawmakers there's not much time left. >> we're now at the point where in just four days every americans' tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. >>reporter: senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell returned to the senate floor, pledging to work through the weekend. >> we are engaged in discussions, the majority leader and myself and the white house, in the hopes that we can come forward as early as sunday and have a recommendation. >> we're going to do the best we can for the congresses we have and for the country that's waiting for us to make a decision. >>reporter: democratic and republican leaders have agreed to extend jobless benefits and
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some tax increases, but the income threshold is not yet clear. the president and senate leaders are expressing optimism that they'll get the job done, but the president has a backup plan just in case. >> if an agreement isn't reached in time between senator reid and senator mcconnell, then i will urge senator reid to bring to the floor a basic package for an up-or-down vote. >>reporter: that bear bones bill would preserve tax cuts for the middle class and extend unemployment benefits. it would also lay a foundation for a broader deal to come. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. wall street was not impressed by the latest developments in washington. the dow jones industrial average lost 158 points yesterday, it's five-day losing streak is the longest since july. the nasdaq and s & p 500 also closed down. former president george h.w. bush continues to improve while recovering in the intensive care unit at a houston
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hospital. a bush family spokesperson says the 88-year-old is in good spirits and his exchanges with doctors and nurses now include singing. a bronchitis-like cough initially sent the 41st president to the hospital on november 23rd. mr. bush was moved to intensive care earlier this week to treat a persistent fever. with the new year just days away, law enforcement is beefing up patrols to combat drunk driving. agencies from every corner -- police agencies from every point of the bay area have dui checkpoints right now and throughout the weekend they'll continue to do so. the drunk driving crackdowns come as state senator jerry hill proposes tougher penalties for repeat offenders. the democrats' plan includes a requirement that repeat offenders have their car fitted with ignition interlock device like you see there. the device prevents a car from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver's breath. >> we've tried increasing
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fines, we've tried to revoke licenses to deter those chronic offenders. we need to do more to save lives. >> during the christmas holiday, police made 1200 dui arrests. a driver accused of speeding away from a traffic stop and hitting another car in oakland is now facing a vehicular manslaughter charge. the chp says it pulled over a bmw on 90th avenue near bancroft on thursday night. but the driver took off as officers approached the car. a short distance away it collided with another car, killing a 21-year-old woman. the suspect ran but officers caught him. >> he did not appear to be very much under the influence. he was able to exit his vehicle and flee the scene, so that would show that he is coherent. >> police are still looking for a passenger who was in the suspect's car. three more murders brings oakland's homicide rate to its highest level since 2006. two men were shot to death early yesterday morning. an hour and a half later, a woman was stabbed to death. police did make an arrest in her murder, but not the others.
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the killings were in an area of west oakland known for gang activity. the city's homicide rate now stands at 130. that is up from last year's total of 110. a sixth person faces murder and other charges in the case of a man and woman found bound and gagged on a san francisco street. the authorities say 26-year-old katherine wong is being held on $2 million bail. a man and woman were found bound and beaten december 9th. a man -- that man later died from a gunshot wound and the woman is still recovering at a hospital. she is expected to survive. graffiti is on the rise in san francisco. large murals are often the targets. all around san francisco vandals have been defacing murals even along clarion alley which is considered kind of a street museum of murals. the public works department says it's had almost 22,000 requests for graffiti cleanup in san francisco this year. a good sign for the san jose sharks and the nhl. the players association and its owners are set to go back to
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the bargaining table tomorrow. a new contract offer seems to have broken the ice, so to say, between the two sides. time is running out, though, to get a deal done and play a season minimum of 48 games. the league hopes to meet the deadline of january 11th, start training camp the next day and open the season january 19th. it has been a busy year for the american red cross. up next why the agency says it's had had a larger-than- usual workload. also ahead, one of the most unique celebrations you'll ever see, a little international culture a little bit later. we're starting out with overcast skies around the bay area. but later in the day there's going to be this really bizarre object in the sky. it'll be really bright, it'll be yellow. you shouldn't look directly at it. i think they call it the sun. we'll have a look at it later in the day. more on the forecast after the break. by sleep train. wishing you
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robert imbellino bought a one bay area retiree will be celebrating 2012 for quite a
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while. robert m.bolino bought a super lottery ticket in south san francisco. it was worth $23 million. the drawing was actually on december 22nd. bolino says he didn't even realize he'd won won until thursday night when a friend asked him if he checked his tickets. good luck to him. 2012 has been a busy year for the red cross. the nonprofit says it responded to 113 large-scale disasters in 42 states and territories. among them superstorm sandy, hurricane isaac and the colorado theater shooting. the red cross says sandy was their biggest response in five years. this year the red cross opened more than 900 shelters and helped more than 100,000 people and the sandy hook school shooting in connecticut was not included in that report. on a much nicer note, we are going to see the sunshine today according to brian. >> well, that's the theory anyway. we're starting out -- we're starting out with mostly cloudy skies. there's so much moisture out
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there that, you know, it'll take a little bit today for it to clear. but after that we should glimpse the sun here and there. let's look at the doppler again really quickly just to set everything up. we had some showers move in over the bay area last night, didn't dump much, a couple 10ths inches of rain. in the south bay we see an echo or two and that's about it. so out the door this morning, we have clouds, a little bit of drizzle around the coast of the bay. inland just mostly cloudy skies. and toward midday the sun should come out. as you can see the sky lightening over there as the sun rises slowly in the east. and the concord airport is reporting 42 degrees out there at buchanan field, oakland at 46, san francisco 46 degrees and san jose has 43. so a little bit of a chilly start. hey, surf is up too along the entire coast. the swells are building out of the northwest, waves could be 20 feet, 22 feet. so interesting to look at, but stay away from it. there's strong rip rip currents and those waves can loom suddenly and dramatically as you know, along our pacific coastline. time lapsed radar showing
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clouds south of the bay area, down around pigeon point. as that low heads south, we're getting moisture coming over on the east side of the low, heading up to the norlt. and as a result a few sprinkles possible between now and midday. so we'll go with cloudy and clearing later in the day. a little bubble of high pressure will keep us clear through the rest of the weekend and the futurecast is bearing this out. you can see the clouds are moving if an easterly fashion in the early going, and then we pop it out and get sun later in the day. and then tomorrow morning we should wake up to mostly clear skies with the exception of some morning fog. that will be tomorrow. and today we're just doing that clearing trend thing. if you're heading out of the bay area, a few lingering showers aroundukye a and in monterey out in the central valley, a or two. the high a great weekend for skiing with a lot of powder and a big base like up to 180-inch base at heavenly valley. at sfo, we will increase clouds on monday and we're putting in a chance of a few sprinkles on new year's eve, just because there's an indication that
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might happen, probably not, but nevertheless better safe than sorry. i like that, better safe than sorry. sunshine down in the southland. denver we've got cloudy skies, chicago cloudy, and new york we'll get sunshine on monday and a high near freezing. in the bay area, by california standards season freezing. it's only in the mid-50s. 54 degrees in san francisco and 56 at oakland, 55 at vallejo and 52 at fairfield. we'll be up to 52 degrees at livermore. mid-50s do it for much of the bay area. cloudy for new year's eve and new year's day for the bay area, but it does look outside of that chance of maybe a sprinkle or two that we're not going to get any rain on that day. and the extended forecast, we bear that out. i have, you'll notice on monday and tuesday just put in a drop or two. and then on wednesday we'll clear it out. and then maybe a little something coming in toward the end of the week. if it does come in, wouldn't be much. temperatures all week will be in the 50s and that will pretty much do it, not a bad week ahead. after we dispense the clouds today, it's not going to be a
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bad saturday either. it's looking pretty good. >> we deserve some. >> i would say. >> thanks, brian. governor jerry brown is turning his focus to two major projects for the second half of his term. at the top of his agenda is seeing that california's high speed rail project gets on track. the $68 billion undertaking is slated to be the largest public works project in state history. also on his list, a massive water project for the sacramento delta and revamping california's school funding system. governor brown is expected to present his agenda when he delivers his state of the state address in january. the warriors are on a roll. just ahead, can they keep up their momentum at home? and an unusual sight in new york. the lights dimmed on broadway. we'll explain why when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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a little bit of a gray start to our saturday morning, as we look out live over the skyline of san francisco. the temperatures today in the 50s and more sunshine later in the day. ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u.
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when you bring them home, store them on the counter, do not store them in the refrigerator and enjoy them within two or three days. we're going to do a lot of klugman. the actor died monday in los angeles, at age 90. he was best known for his role as r t the actor died monday in los angeles at age 90. he was best known for his role as oscar madison in "the odd couple." it was the second straight night of dimmed lights on broadway. thursday night broadway honored veteran actor charles durning who also died on monday at the age of 89. durning was known characters. an up and comer will make his first nfl start for the oakland
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raiders tomorrow and wait until you see this buzzer-beating stunner from the sacramento kings last night. more in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody.
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this sacramento game last night, taking on the knicks and james johnson with a buzzer beater. that was his first three- pointer of the season and it couldn't have come at a better time. the final the kings win it 106- 105. have a good day. >> the warriors host the boston celtics this evening and there's plenty of college basketball action. slaryk on the road at duke, san jose state at san antonio state. in college football a cornucopia of bowl games today, including the kraft fight hunger bowl in san francisco. that features navy and arizona state. portugal can be a nutty kind of place. they have a celebration not to be missed as eyewitness news continues. stories: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there are positive sig morning the here's a look at this morning's top stories. with just three days to go, there are some positive signs this morning that the country may not go over the so-called fiscal cliff. senate democratic and republican leaders are working on a package now that could be voted on monday. any plan, however, must be
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approved by the republican-run house. a man and a boy were fishing on a marine headlands beach when a wave swept them out to sea yesterday evening. rescue crews recovered their bodies in the frigid water near the golden gate bridge. no word on the relationship between those two victims. high school party got out of hand, forcing an evacuation at the intercontinental hotel in san francisco last night. police say a fight broke out during the event which led to somebody spraying pepper spray. dpefts were then evacuated but let back in gsh guests were evacuated but then let back in shortly after that evacuation. time for a last look at the weather. that's a positive story today. >> it is, yes. things look to be improving in that department at reeft. we're going to go out one last time and look at the doppler, perched at the highest point in sonoma county. as we look at the central bay, you can see that there's mostly clear skies around the north bay and also the peninsula, but down in the south bay, that's
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where the last shreds of showers are from this little departing system, low pressure south of the bay area is triggering that. that will be about it. out the door this morning we're going to be looking at some clouds, a little bit of drizzle especially around the coast and around the bay. inland, though, mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 42 degrees. 48 around the bay, 47 for the coast, and right now the numbers around the bay are mostly in the 40s, as we see the sun beginning to come up, we'll get more breaks later in the day, so more sun as the day goes on, and as you say, not tow bad. >> sounds lovely. thanks, brian. it is that time of year where everybody is flocking to traditions, especially at the year end. here is one from portugal. [ bell ringing ] >> they are not falling from the sky. the annual nut drop celebration, the nuts raining down from a bell tower and people on the ground trying to grab as many as they can. the tradition started a long time ago by a wealthy village elder. >> there's nothing falling from
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the sky. >> yeah. the person who started this was concerned about hunger there in the village, so every december locals drink wine and eat nuts. now, that tradition i could get down with. now to a new year's tradition in new york city. it's all about tossing out old baggage and starting fresh. hundreds come out for good riddance day in times square yesterday. people dumped tax returns, pictures of old lovers and anything that wreaks of 2012. a giant shredder, a dumpster and a rubber mallet were on hand to help people complete their mission. the event really is to say good- bye to past worries and fears. a california -- california fans of the 1950s, '60s and '70s have a new way to show it, on cars. the dmv will start selling replica license plate designs from those years and the plates aren't just for classic car owners. they can be ordered for any type of vehicle. >> you can have it on your prius, you can have it on your -- you know, your new camaro. you can have it on anything,
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right? >> that's cool. a new way for california to make money. the legacy license plates cost $50 whether you personalize them or not. they're available to preorder starting on january 1st. i like that good riddance day. >> you know, the first car i ever bought, my '64mgb which we used on "eye on the bay," i had it in high school and it still has the first license plates. >> really. >> it came with it. i didn't buy it when it was new. i just saved myself, what is it, $50 or something like that? >> the thing is still running. >> it does, but only because i've become a mechanic. >> i'm impressed. thanks for joining us. enjoy the peeks of sunshine we'll get today and we will be back tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m.
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